DENVILLE, NJ - A local environmental group is inviting the public to join its members in Jonathan's Woods on July 28 for an evening of “mothing” with naturalist, photographer and conservation biologist Blaine Rothauser.

"There are over 110,000 species of moths worldwide, and about 2,800 in New Jersey," said the group, Protect Our Wetlands, Water and Woods (POWWW). "Blaine will bring several high intensity metal halide lights that will attract a myriad of species for us to view, identify, and photograph if desired."

Those who go to "Moth Night" might see pastel colored emeralds, delicate plume moths and fuzzy dot-lined white moths, said the POWWW. "Who knows, maybe even New Jersey’s largest member of this guild, the lime-green Luna Moth, may show up at our party."

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Moths aren't the only bugs drawn to lights at night, so the POWWW said attendees are likely to see all sorts of them. "We may also see other nocturnal insects like leafhoppers, craneflies, mayflies, and the outer-space looking mantisfly," it said.

Nevertheless, the focus will be on moths and the message they can tell about the status of the forest, said the POWWW. "Moths are very sensitive to environmental degradation, so the species diversity will tell us something about the habitats and health of the ecosystem at Jonathan’s Woods," it said.

The program will begin at 8 p.m. People are allowed to bring snacks and non-alcoholic beverages and they are encouraged to bring flashlights and beach chairs. The group is asking that those wanting to attend register by July 14. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.  Parking and accommodations are limited, so the POWWW suggests peopole RSVP in advance.

To see where the event will take place, navigate via Google Maps to “Jonathan’s Woods”

The cost to attend is $5 per person or $15 for a family as a "recommended donation" of cash at the event

Directions from Route 80:Hibernia exit to Green Pond Road, Right onto Meridan Road, Right onto Old Beach Glen

Park in the main lot on Old Beach Glen Road

or call Dave - 973.727.2037