DENVILLE, NJ-- The auditorium at Morris Knolls High School was filled with laughter on Oct. 1 as boys from the senior class were competing for the coveted Mr. Morris Knolls title. The boys that volunteered spent a great deal of time practicing for the event, but had more fun on show night then ever before.

The boys that were in the running included Brent Costantino, who was escorted by Krista Evans, Aidan Dachisen who was escorted by Devyn Somogyi, Luke Drugac, escorted by Stephanie Branlich, Robby Dzialo who was escorted by Emily Portela, Arjun Rajan who was escorted by Kristen Bowe, Ryan Washington who was escorted by Colleen O'Donnell, and Christian Wichman who was escorted by Kaylie Rubinaccio.

Mr. Morris Knolls is an annual competition for the senior class. Boys from the senior class volunteer and fundraise for a charity determined by the senior class officers. The fundraising this year will benefit David Turro, a boy in the senior class who has suffered from an accident over the summer.

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As the boys strutted their stuff to themes like beach wear and formal attire, the audience cheered on their favorites. This years competitors also faced a fun interview question round. The boys all had a sense of humor when asked about which Kardashian they would be, their most embarrasing moment, and their favorite halloween costumes. The boys were also asked what hashtag they would use to discuss their performance from the night, what super powers they would like to have, what three people they would invite to dinner and what Disney character best portrays their personalities. 

Like a pagaent type of event, the evening was not complete without a hysterical talent portion. Contestant Robby Dzialo put on a hilarious 80's workout tape dance, while contestant Aidan Dachisen performed an evolution of hip hop dance. Music was a big part of the evening, contestant Ryan Washington performed Cry Me A River, contestant Brent Costantino performed a song entitled Tight Pants, while contestant Arjun Rajan strummed his guitar. Contestant Luke Drugac played a game show against his twin brother to determine who the better twin was.

Each contestant spoke a little bit about what being Mr. Morris Knolls would mean to them. The seven contestants competing for Mr. Morris Knolls are all currently seniors at Knolls and come from a variety of different athletic and academic backgrounds.

Contestant Brent Costantino wanted to be Mr. Morris Knolls for the memory aspect.

"It would be a special memory of Morris Knolls that I can have throughout my life. I have always wanted to be Mr. MK since I arrived at Knolls," Costantino said

For contestant Luke Drugac, he believes that becoming Mr. Morris Knolls would be the crowning accomplishment to all his success at Knolls.

"Throughout my 4 years here at MK, with all my academic and athletic accomplishments, I feel there would be no better way to celebrate the ending than to be crowned Mr. MK. I've learned so much from my teachers and I want to make them proud," Drugac said happily.

After a brief intermission in the show, all those in attendance dropped their tickets in whoever's ballot box they wanted to win. As the judges results, donations collected, and ticket sales for the event were all tabulated, the emcees killed some time. When the moment finally came to crown Mr. Morris Knolls, the audience had fallen silent. 

Brent Costantino leaped for joy as he was crowned Mr. Morris Knolls. Costantino, a senior at Knolls, is an active member of the MK Chorale, National Honor Society, Business Honor Society, and Project Lead. Brent is also a varsity athlete at Morris Knolls where he plays for the Golden Eagles baseball team. Brent's college plans include attending a 4 year university to major in finance.

Costantino was shocked by his win, but noted that this event is more about the fundraising. With all the funds going to a boy in the senior class, it was hard not to get into the fundraising spirit.

"A lot of time went into this, the fundraising and getting the money for David Turro. This is what this is about. We rehearsed a couple days but the fundraising is more important," Costantino said about his win before hugging and greeting classmates as they offered their congratulations.

This is just one of the many events that the senior class works to prepare every year. Lots of fun will be coming up at Morris Knolls with the anticipated homecoming football game on Oct. 17. The Golden Eagles football team will face off against Randolph. That evening, the boys and girls of Knolls will be dressed to the nines for the annual homecoming dance.