DENVILLE, NJ-- This year’s National Ice Cream Day fell on one of the hottest days of the summer. While some people were cranking up the air conditioning in their house, others were making their way over to Denville Dairy.

Denville Dairy, located on Broadway, has been a staple in the community for decades, so it was natural for residents to flock to the busy store to pick up their favorite ice cream flavors.

“It was really hot out and it was a Sunday so people didn’t have a reason to go outside but it meant a lot to us that people still came here for ice cream,” Patrick Fine, one of the family members sho runs the dairy, said.

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According to Fine, the numbers were steady throughout the day but they had a continuous rush throughout the night. Fine was originally unsure if people were aware of the holiday but quickly realized everyone knew when customers were saying they had to make it into the store to get their ice cream fix.

Denville Dairy will be celebrating their 50 year anniversary, their 30th at the current location, and the owners think it’s the family atmosphere that keeps regular customers coming back.

“I like to think that the family pride is what makes us different,” Fine said. “We only have one store; we’re not too big and we’re not looking to expand because we don’t want to sacrifice quality.”

Lines can be up to 20 minutes long but Fine’s dad, the original owner, came up with an idea that cuts the wait time to around two minutes. A customer that wants to get in and out as soon as possible can head over to the express register, where they can order a pre-made treat, avoiding the long lines.

Additionally, due to the fact that Denville Dairy constantly cycles flavors to keep the options fresh, it’s possible that a customer might miss out on their favorite flavor. To accommodate everyone’s requests, a customer can pre-order their favorite flavor, pay for it ahead of time, and then the dairy will put aside a container of the ice cream once it becomes available.

It’s that commitment to excellence that keeps the owners working 80 hours per week throughout the year.

“It would be a long 80 hours if we didn’t love what we do but making everyone happy and seeing a smile on their face makes it all worth it,” Fine said.

Check out Denville Dairy’s website for more information on the products they offer.