ROXBURY, NJ – The organizers of the upcoming U18 Fistball World Championships, an international even taking place in Succasunna, are seeking volunteers to work with visitors from across the globe.

Werner Adam, the northeast regional director for the United States Fistball Association (USFA), said planning for the big event is going well. However, one hurdle that remains is personnel. “Among the challenges we face, (is getting) volunteers from the local community,” Adam said. “Specifically, we need Team Liaison volunteers that would ideally have a driver’s license and be able to be the voice for the team they lead.”

The tournament, running from July 11 to July 15 at Horseshoe Lake Park, is featuring fistball teams from the United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Italy and India. The young players and their coaches will need local people to show them around Roxbury, Adam explained.

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“For example, the Swiss women’s team might want to know where they can buy necessary female related items on the local economy,” he said. “The German men’s team might want to visit a sports store … and buy needed items, etc.”

Additionally, Adam said the USFA is hoping to find local folks to help with on-the-field duties. “We also need volunteers to turn the table-mounted scorecards after each point,” he said.

Those who do volunteer will become a part of history, said Adam, noting,“This is the first time the USA has ever hosted this event.”

The unpaid jobs are open to volunteers of all ages. “Young kids can meet the players and walk onto the field for the opening ceremony,” notes the USFA website. “You can be part of the game and on the field.”

Those interested in volunteering can do so online.

The United States was chosen last year, by the Austria-based International Fistball Association, based in Linz, Austria to be the host country for the 2018 Men’s & Women’s U18 Fistball World Championships. As noted by the USFA, Roxbury has a long – if hidden – history when it comes to the sport. Fistball has been played regularly since the 1930s at the Swim and Sport Club in Ledgewood.

At next week’s games, the USA  men’s and women’s national team players “will compete against the best young men's and woman's teams from eight countries ,” said a statement from the USFA. “This should bring over 600 players, coaches, and fans to Roxbury Township and surrounding communities.”

Visitors who want to watch from the field ends can do so for free, but tickets are being sold for seating in the grandstands. The tickets, which will be on sale at Horseshoe Lake, will cost $5 per day for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday or $10 for a weekday pass for all three days. The price will be $7.50 per day for Saturday and Sunday or $10 for a weekend pass