HOPATCONG, NJ – A Roxbury man faces drug and disorderly conduct charges after exhibiting “extremely odd behavior” Sunday that included spitting into an electrical outlet, laughing like a comic book villain and attempting to escape police custody, police said.

The man, Jack Henlzer, 30, of Succasunna, came to the attention of Hopatcong police when they were called to a Lackawanna Trail house due to an “unwanted guest,” said police. When police arrived they encountered Henzer outside the home, they said.

“He went there for a female,” wrote Hopatcong Police Cpt. Thomas Kmetz in a statement. “The female’s brother kicked him out. Henzler started to cry, then he started to laugh like the Joker in the movie Batman.”

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Kmetz, who characterized Henzler’s actions as “extremely odd behavior,” said the man “told the officers he wanted to kill himself and looked like he was about to run away.”

Police handcuffed and searched Henzler, discovering he was carrying a small amount of marijuana in a pill bottle, Kmetz said. He said Henzler was then taken to the police station.

“At headquarters, Henzler was licking his lips and demanded the officers give him his ‘weed’ back,” wrote the captain. “At one point he started spitting into an electrical outlet yelling that he wanted to electrocute himself. The officers put a spit hood on him but he was able to lean down and tear it off.”

Kmetz said Henzler repeatedly stood and tried to break a leather handcuff belt holding him to the station’s prisoner bench. “After a while he was able to break this belt,” said the captain.

He said police called the Newton Memorial Hospital mental health center. “The screener could hear Henzler in the background and told the officers to bring him there,” Kmetz said. “The Hopatcong Ambulance Squad was called. As Henzler was leaving the station he would not walk and needed to be carried out by the officers. He also cursed at the volunteer EMS members on scene.”

Henzler was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia and disorderly conduct, police said. "It is unknown what made him act so odd," Kmetz added.