ROXBURY, NJ – Kellie Ann Keyes, who runs Roxbury's recycling program was honored recently by Morris County for her efforts, with the county dubbing her its “Rox-Star Recycler.”

Keyes was one of 10 people and businesses to receive a 2018 Environmental Excellence Award from the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA). The MUA gave her the award in recognition of her efforts in promoting recycling in the schools, businesses and multifamily complexes in Roxbury.

“Receiving the award was a surprise and an honor,” Keyes said. “Since becoming certified as a recycling coordinator/clean communities director, my focus has been rejuvenating our recycling and sustainability programs.”

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Keyes said she decided to focus on working with the Roxbury schools, residential communities and businesses as a “partner” with the goal being increased recycling. “We have opened dialog so we can work together to better assess what is needed in order to meet our recycling goals,” she said.

Keyes said the county acknowledged the difficulty in what she’s trying to do. “I’m really trying to change the whole environment of our town in terms of recycling,” she said. “For multi-family complexes and schools it’s a very large undertaking.”

Liz Sweedy, the MUA’s recycling education specialist and the county’s Clean Communities coordinator, took note of Keyes’ hard work.

“Kellie’s enthusiastic approach to rejuvenating the municipal recycling program keeps her very busy,” she said. “Kellie Ann has worked hard to improve the residential recycling program and met with property managers and tenants from multifamily complexes to promote proper recycling practices.  Kellie Ann has been diligently working with the Roxbury School District and has participated in waste audits, waste assessments and educational meetings with administrators.”

Sweedy called Keyes “a gem,” and said she “is not afraid to ask questions and do problem solving” and “does not allow challenges to discourage her. “She said Keyes “sets the bar high and works persistently to achieve her goals … Kellie Ann comes up with creative ways to increase the awareness about recycling responsibly.”