DENVILLE, NJ- The Morris Knolls Lady Golden Eagles basketball team began their pre-season action with a tri-scrimmage against West Orange and Whippany Park High School, as they look to move forward in what will be a rebuilding season.

“It’s the first step in a long process,” said Golden Eagles head coach Rob Moore. “It’s going to be a long process. We’re young, and we don’t have any seniors, which shows up at times because the leadership role. Even though we have kids who have played varsity for a couple years, they haven’t taken over the leadership role yet, and they haven’t taken this as their team yet. That’s something they need to step and up and take leadership for the team.”

Moore hasn’t made a decision on a captain yet, but he’s looking for somebody to take the role as the leader not only this year, but for the following season as well.

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“We do not have captains yet,” said Moore. “But somebody in our group needs to take over a leadership role."

Another issue with the Golden Eagles currently is that the communication is lacking out on the court.

“That’s a big time part of the issue; the communication is not there,” said Moore. “That’s something that they have to do, and we have a quote that deals with trust. It says, ‘the last T is talk to each other.’ That didn’t show up tonight, and that’s something we have to do as a whole group. It’s something we’ve been working on in practice, that we have to talk. Not just me, not just my coaching staff, kids on the court have to talk to each other, and we haven’t done that yet.”

Even though communication is clearly an issue due to the young age of the team, Moore is still pleased the strengths of his squad, starting with the variety of skills of his players.

“The diversity. We have inside and outside, we have players who can score, aren’t afraid to shoot the ball, and look to shoot the ball,” said Moore. “So that’s going to be a strength. They still need to learn where to score from, and that’s just something they will learn as we move along, but probably our best strength is that I’ve got people who can do a lot of things.”

The question then remains, where this team might be able to go this season. Even though they have a lot of youth, Moore firmly believes that it will be up to the players to dictate how successful this season can become.

“The sky’s the limit, as long as we remember our fundamentals,” said Moore. “We remember our basic stuff, remember our communication, and they’ll set the bar as to how high they want to take it. They know where I see them, they know what I expect, and they know it because I’ve been with the program for 18 years. Most of them played with me, so they know what I expect, and they just need to get to that level, and they need to expect that out of themselves, and believe in themselves.”