You want to be fit. You know how much you should weigh. You know your ideal pant size. You can even picture how great those skinny jeans will look. You also know deep down that a healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle that will afford you so many gifts in life. Whether being pain free on a daily basis, having increased confidence and more vibrant energy.

So why aren’t you living life in your ideal body? 

There are many complex reasons that make weight loss a challenge, reasons that go deeper than simply calories-in versus calories-out. 

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I’m talking about the life issues that get in the way of your success. These are the reasons that may go unnoticed during your daily life. They may be the reasons why every January you make a pledge to yourself that this is going to the ‘the year’ and yet you struggle to stay consistent and make the change.

Well here’s the thing. We first must acknowledge the truth, no matter how hard it may be, if we ever want to overcome our inner obstacles. With that being said, I wanted to take a deeper look into the reasons why you are not fit. Now this may sound harsh but after you read through this article you will see that it really isn’t. Instead of harsh we are just uncovering our inner demons that challenge us to do the right thing for our bodies and our health.

1. You don’t want to be bothered. 

It’s in your DNA to avoid pain and seek out pleasure. Unfortunately this works against you when trying to get fit. In your mind, it’s painful (or at least uncomfortable) to deny yourself the tasty food that you crave and to exert yourself with exercise. 

As human beings we are inherently programmed to take the path of least resistance. We want what is comfortable because we have been accustomed to think that more comfortable is better. You know, those cozy sweat pants, those ‘comfort foods’, that glass (bottle) of wine or your favorite dessert. They all represent the path to ‘happiness.’

But what if that wasn’t always the case?

There’s a simple way to work around this obstacle: Find something painful about being out of shape to motivate yourself towards healthy eating and exercise. Focus on the negative impact your current weight has on your health, self-esteem and lifestyle. Convince yourself that the pain of being out of shape is much greater than the discomfort of losing weight. 

One of my favorite quotes of all time is, “when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.” My challenge to you is to think of exercise as a gift, consider what you will be able to do physically with proper training as a goal, thing of the quality of years and not just the quantity as true value and get comfortable being uncomfortable!

2. You don’t want to wait for the good stuff. 

Just as you wish to avoid pain, you are also an expert in seeking out pleasure—namely food. This served the cavemen well, but these days it ends up as extra pounds around your waist and thighs. 

See we are socially used to doing things that may not be the best for our health but considered fun and provide us pleasure. A night out at the bar, a dinner at the restaurant, chocolate, beer and on and on it goes. Now we are not saying that you have to avoid these things entirely but it may be time to make some adjustments if you have been indulging for years.

There’s good news: extra calories are not your only option to stimulate the pleasure center of your brain. Find an activity or two that make you smile and indulge in those regularly. We all know that feeling we get when we do something awesome, or something that challenges us or that just takes us out of the mundane rituals we are accustomed to.

  • A walk outside
  • A good book
  • A night out to the movies or theater
  • A spa day

Find something that you enjoy doing and focus your energy on that. Do it everyday for 10 minutes and notice how that sense of accomplishment fills your body.

You can also retrain your brain to crave the pleasure of exercise-induced endorphins. Talk about weight gain kryptonite! 

3. You are crazy busy. 

Let’s face it, you work too much, commit yourself to too much and don’t even get enough sleep most of the time. The fast-paced way you live leaves you exhausted, stressed and hungry for comfort food. You even begin to feel too busy to take care of your health. 

If this is you than it is time to re-prioritize. A training and nutrition routine doesn’t need to be the most perfect set and rep scheme ever to get the job done. But it does have to be effective, efficient and consistent. So let go of your perfectionist standards and remove a few commitments from your schedule so that you are able to cook healthy meals, exercise and get a good night’s sleep. Remind yourself that taking care of your health is not a luxury—it’s a necessity.

When we hear parents who express that they just do not have enough time we try to remind them that there will come a time when life forces you to make time. Whether it is an injury, a bad doctor visit or a life event something will remind you that you need to take care of yourself first if you plan on taking care of others.

The key is to get started now, no matter how small that first step is in order to make progress in the long-term.  

4. You don’t deserve it. 

I don’t agree with it, but you sure act like you don’t deserve to live the good life in the body of your dreams. Take a moment to think back on all the times you have self-sabotaged your weight loss efforts. If you don’t believe deep down that you are worthy then you’ll never give yourself a chance at a fit body. 

This concept, while it may sound far-fetched is something that we talk about all at Driven because of how much it resonated with our members. In the past they would start and stop, make progress and think they achieved the goal, go all out for a couple of weeks and then stop cold turkey and a variety of other scenarios.

The trick here is to not think of your actions as out of the ordinary for you. As Nike says, “Just Do It,” and they are right. If you continue to take action you will not give yourself the time to second-guess yourself or self-sabotage.

I believe that you deserve to have a healthy body—and I urge you to dig deep down to uncover why you don’t. Once you conquer your feelings of unworthiness, getting on an exercise and healthy eating plan will be easy. 

Take the time to take care of yourself. You DO deserve it. 

5. You are afraid. 

You’re afraid to start because you just might fail, and wouldn’t that be embarrassing? You’re also afraid to start because you just might succeed, and change makes you uncomfortable – even if it’s change in the right direction. 

When you decide to get fit you will need to go through a bushel of changes:

  • New eating habits
  • New exercise routine
  • New friends at the gym
  • New clothes
  • New self-image

Now these may read as good things but sometimes we push back on change no matter the benefits. We encourage you to pay close attention to your thoughts and focus on all of the ways that losing weight will make your life better. Envision that better life everyday so that it goes from being new and scary to familiar and comfortable. 

In Conclusion:

We hope this article felt like a weight off of your shoulders when reading it. All of these symptoms are common and you are not alone if you feel or act this way when it comes to achieve your health and fitness goals. But now that you are aware it is time for you to take action!

We are running our 28-Day program here at Driven and would love for you to take advantage of it. What makes us so different than typical workout routines is that we are experts in simplifying the complex so that you never feel overwhelmed, we help you make smart and safe progress and our family environment makes the experience even more special. You’ll be amazed at what you can do after just one month with us!