After facing a tough stretch of games where the Golden Eagles lost their players due to injury, they broke out in style against rival Roxbury as Stephan Stasiuk scored two goals, while captain Dan DeBlieck scored the game-winning first goal.

Stasiuk acknowledged afterwards the rough patch his team has found itself in, but was overall happy with the way his team preformed today.

“We’ve been having a rough past half season, but today the team came out and played well,” said Stasiuk. “I thought I had a good PK thanks to Tommy taking the hit on the penalty. It was a nice shot from outside and a good game.”

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The rough patch the Golden Eagles have run into is that starting goalie Anthony Principe was injured a couple of games ago. They then tried using the JV goalie, but he was also injured thereafter. So coach Mike Mugavero turned to his star striker Mike Chapman to take the reins as goalie, and today he turned in a great shutout effort.

“Overall, we’ve had trouble lately with a new goalie so we pushed Mike Chapman back in goal, and I pushed forward,” said DeBlieck. “He did great for not playing goal all season. He had a shutout today so that’s pretty good.”

Stasiuk also spoke of having Chapman in goal rather than out scoring goals.

“After the loss of Anthony Principe it really took a hit to our team. We tried out the JV goalie, he got hurt, and our last option was Chapman, and he’s played pretty well. He’s got a bomb, first shutout for him, which is good,” said Stasiuk with a laugh.

It was DeBlieck who scored the first goal for the Golden Eagles, as he got a break of the left side of the field, and the Roxbury goalie came out very far to challenge, which allowed DeBlieck to simply chip it over him for the easy finish.

“We’ve had to take advantage of my speed, we just kept setting it up to me and that’s how I got my goal,” said DeBlieck. “Roxbury is always a team we love to beat, so coming out here and beating them 3-0 is a great feeling.”

After taking a 1-0 lead into to half the Golden Eagles came out very strong in the second half, which was capped by two goals from Stasiuk. Stasiuk scored his first goal from almost 30 yards out, while he scored his second on a penalty kick.

“It was a good hit,” said Stasiuk. “I saw my opening, I got a good first touch out of my feet, and I saw the goalie was over his line so why not take a hit.”

Golden Eagles head coach agreed, and talked about the contributions of DeBlieck and Stasiuk giving his team the edge on the scoreboard.

“The other shot was even better, he hit a nice bomb about 30 yards out,” said Mugavero impressed. “Then obviously Dan being up top created a lot of havoc because he’s so fast. We’ve had him in the midfield and having him be able to sneak away like that with that speed caused all of our goals.”

Mugavero also talked about having Chapman as his go-to goalie, even though being the teams goalie isn’t what Chapman thought he’d be doing come this point in the season.

“Well he’s a basketball player, that should be able to have no trouble getting anything in the air,” said Mugavero. “He’s tall, and he also made a nice save. He’s been very reluctant to go there, but he knows he has to sacrifice for the team here at the end and it paid off.

Overall for Mugavero, he was impressed with the way his squad preformed today especially considering his team has only won three games at Roxbury over the past 12 years.

“We’re on our fourth goalie, who’s a field player, and we’ve dealt with a lot of injuries,” said Mugavero. “It’s nice that we finished with a shutout to break a sting of bad luck. So it was a real nice game, especially beating them twice home and away. We’ve only beaten them three times in the past 12 years on this field so it’s a nice feeling.”