DENIVLLE, NJ-- The dog days of summer have arrived. With temperatures pushing the high 80s almost every day, the two legged members of families across Denville are keeping cool by visiting water parks, hanging out at Cook's Pond or enjoying air conditioned homes. What about the four legged members of those families?

Denville Township Animal Control Officer Meredith Petrillo has some safety tips as to how to keep the four legged family members as cool as the two legged ones.

Petrillo cannot stress enough the importance of NEVER leaving your dog in a hot car. Temperatures can soar quickly in the heat, even with the windows rolled down.

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"Windows being open halfway still does not allow the heat to escape out of the vehicle the way people think it does. The consequences to doing this even for a short time could result in an animal cruelty charge," Petrillo said.

With Denville's downtown, the act of walking is common in the summer months. What can be worse than hot black top on human feet? Black top on dog paws.

"If you can't walk on the black top in bare feet, neither can your dog. Black tops can burn the bottom of a dog's feet very quickly," Petrillo said.

Exercise for dogs is important. Summer time is the time when most people are out walking their dogs, taking their dogs with them to various events, and hanging out in the yard. 

"If you're going to exercise with your pet, please do so early morning or later in the evening. Do not exercise during the course of the hottest part of the day,"

Sometimes, the ineveitable happens and dogs can get sick from being out in the heat. Just like you would with a family member, take your dog to the vet. Petrillo gave TAP a rundown of some of the obivous symptoms of heat stroke.

"If you do think your dog is sick, take him to the vet immediately. Signs of heat stroke or heat prostration will be red gums, panting excessively, and a glazed look in their eye," Petrillo said.