I know this title may seem hard to believe and goes against everything you are used to thinking but it is the truth. Stay with me as I look forward to sharing some truth with you throughout this article.

First lets realize why weight loss has always been the “gold standard” when it comes to personal health and fitness goals. Measuring weight loss is the easiest form to track and calculate. No fancy equipment, no expertise needed. Just step on the scale on there you have it, simple as that! But is that really the best way to evaluate your health and physique progress. We don't think so here at Driven! 

Another misconception is that muscle WEIGHS MORE than fat… this is another fallacy that has stood the test of time.Why is this wrong you may be wondering?

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Because five pounds is still five pounds. It doesn’t matter if it is five pounds of fat or five pounds of muscle the weight is still the same. The difference is that muscle is 18% more DENSE than fat. This means that the five pounds of muscle takes up much less room on your body. Creating powerful physique changes!

So, how do you go about creating these physique changes and building more muscle? That answer is easy, you STRENGTH TRAIN!

No, that doesn’t mean you will look bulky. It does mean that you will shrink around the midsection and other problem areas.

Let’s use a scenario to illustrate what I mean.

Let’s say you are a female that weighs 135 pounds with 30% body fat which means you have 40.5 pounds of fat and 94.5 pounds of muscle. You begin strength training and over the next year you get much stronger and build 10 pounds of muscle WITHOUT putting on any extra pounds.

This means that you just LOST 10 POUNDS OF FAT.

This female still weighs 135 pounds but has 104.5 pounds of muscle and 30.5 pounds of fat. Her percentage of body fat is now 22.5%!!! Her body just firmed up and shrunk in her problem areas while developing muscles in her glutes, core, legs and arms. This is why strength training is THE BEST way to develop your physique goals.

Now don’t get me wrong if you enjoy doing cardio than please continue to do so. Cardiovascular training has benefits for heart health. But if your goals are physique related than I encourage you to learn how to strength train properly so that you maximize your time, energy and effort. 

If you want to create powerful, efficient and effective physique changes here is what I recommend you start doing:

  1. Learn how to safely perform the major exercises
  2. Follow a structured strength program
  3. Stay consistent with your strength training (3 x / week)
  4. Do not recklessly push yourself with dangerous athletic maneuvers if you are not comfortable
  5. Eat a lot of protein and vegetables and keep your carbohydrates for after workouts
  6. Learn to enjoy the process and feel confident by getting stronger!

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