Why aren’t I dropping body fat? How come I can’t drop body fat? I don’t think I can drop body fat? I HATE THAT I CAN’T DROP BODY FAT!!           

Sound familiar? I hear you if it does. I really do. I know fat loss is a frustrating topic for many people and for many reasons. The first is that it seems to never be successful. Or if it was successful it didn’t last very long. Or if it was successful and it did last it didn’t stick for years. So, yeah, the agony of the back and forth with fat loss!

Then when you consider the fact that there is a constant flood of information on the internet and T.V. with the latest and greatest “secrets” of fat loss and we have ourselves a recipe for disaster.

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Here’s what this article is all about: fundamentals of fat loss done incredibly well to produce results.

Did I just lose you? I know, I said the fundamentals. And then I said doing them incredibly well. Ughh!! But seriously, if you do not understand, appreciate and apply these aspects of fat loss you will never achieve your goals.

Let’s get into it then!

1. Poor Sleep Quality:

When people hear that sleeps matters it goes against everything we stand for in our crazy work-life schedule society. You mean I can’t be running around from 5am – 11pm and lose weight? You can but it makes it much more difficult!

Here’s why: sleep is the biggest recovery factor that we have and it allows our body the chance to meet the needs of the previous day and the day to come. Recovery is the real secret sauce of fat loss because this is when our muscles rebuild from the days efforts. There is no better time for this rebuilding process than through quality sleep. We cannot keep progress and your pace going without using sleep to fully recharge your body from the days workouts, stresses and nutrition.

To dive a little deeper, quality sleeps transfer the body from sympathetic nervous system to parasympathetic nervous system. This means that our body goes from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest.” This is a crucial part of fat loss because we can’t live our lives in the fight or flight mode and expect our body to perform fat loss. Fight or flight is essentially having your guard up for an extended period of time.  Does it make sense to think that our brain, body and nervous system will coordinate fat loss efforts if they feel a constant threat?

Resetting the nervous system is the FIRST step in obtaining the fat loss goals we seek. The rest and digest process is a relaxed and calm state for the body to be in that promotes fat loss instead of fat retention.  

What do you think suites the body better for fat loss: constantly feeling pressure from your job 24/7 or spending 7-8 hours feeling calm, poised and in control?

In order to maximize your sleep it is important to create a sleep ritual. Some of the things you can do to best prepare for a great nights sleep are:

  1. Turn off the screens and T.V.s a half hour before you want to fall asleep
  2. Don’t drink alcohol in the evening… you feel “good” at first but it screws with your rhythm worsening your sleep
  3. Keep a regular sleep schedule
  4. Practice relaxation throughout your day… your breathing sets the tone for everything

If you want to start to lose some of that excess body fat start with optimizing your sleep. You’ll be glad you did.

2. Stress

We first must have a basic definition of what is stress. One of my favorite definitions is that stress is the syndrome which consists of all changes with a biological system. Therefore, everything in our environment can be considered as stress. Whether good or bad they are both create changes to our system. .

Lets take a look at some of the things you could consider as bad stress:

  • Waking up late
  • Sitting in traffic
  • Behind on a project
  • Worrying about money
  • Fighting with a spouse
  • Having teenagers
  • Baby kept you up at night

Now imagine having multiple stress points being piled on top of you at the same time and you trying to live your life like that.

Then imagine if you are frustrated with how you look and feel and if you do not feel confident in your body or with your lifestyle habits?

Then let’s say you decide that you want to try to lose weight and get in shape? Do you think this is a optimal environment to accomplish those goals?

Stress plays a huge and underrated role in our lives and bodies. We live in a high-strung and very high paced society so this stress that we are constantly under is like a weight on our shoulders. For those who want to lose body fat this extra “weight” only makes it more difficult than ever.

This is because all of the stresses in our daily life compounds and plays a psychological and physiological role, impacting us mentally as well as emotionally.

If we want to let our guard down and give ourselves the chance to be successful I recommend you pay a closer attention to your stress level and start doing active things that you enjoy.

Because you can either let stress win or you can fight back. The choice is yours!

3. All or Nothing Approach:

The mind controls the body. We know it, our kids know it and the aliens from Independence Day knew it. So why do we let our mind play tricks on us when it comes to fat loss? Well, there are a few reasons but first let me be clear on what I mean.

The all or nothing approach is based on the concept that if we can’t workout 6 days a week, stick to a perfect meal plan and get our 8 glasses of water every single day than we might as well not even try. It has to be the best scenario of health and fitness or it is fast food and soda.

Why can’t we be a little more forgiving and patient with ourselves and our progress? It is this thought process that makes it so difficult for us to stick with a training and nutrition program. If we do not see immediate and fast results from the beginning or if we hit a plateau it is immediately time to start a brand new everything.

We know that change, whether good or bad takes time, so why not allow yourself the chance to be successful? If you stick with the approach that if you do things the right way most of the time than in the long-term it will pay off for you.

Anything else is just going to leave you frustrated, disappointed and back where you started!