DENVILLE, NJ - A man pulled over for driving with illegally tinted windows was found to with a stolen purse from which he'd used credit cards to make fraudulent purchases, said police.

The man, Manuel Buri, 23, of Dover, was arrested Dec. 30 by Denville police after he was stopped while driving on Route 46 in the township, police said. They said Buri was pulled over due to an "equipment violation."

After stopping Buri, police discovered that the man "was in possession of a Coach wristlet that contained a female's driver's license and various credit cards," said a police press release. "After a brief investigation, it was discovered that the wallet had been stolen (from) its owner wile at a bar in Paterson, NJ and that Buri had used one of the victim's credit cards to make a fraudulent purchase."

Police said Buri was released on his own recognizance after being charged with receiving stolen property, fraudulent use of a credit card and having illegal tinted windows on his vehicle.