This is entirely the fault of the state government in Trenton.  Our State lawmakers knew well in advance that the Transportation Trust Fund was teetering on insolvency.  However, instead of taking action and striking a compromise, they are sitting still while our roads continue to deteriorate.  This is extremely frustrating for NJ residents for a number of reasons.  We don’t have the right to all of a sudden decide to stop paying our income taxes, but our lawmakers have the right to stop infrastructure improvements without any repercussions.

The TTF stalemate also directly impacts our brothers and sisters in organized labor. There are thousands of workers, whose jobs are directly impacted by the stalemate, effectively putting them out of work in the busiest season of the year.  Our state lawmakers seem to be taking a page out of the Washington book, deciding to under-deliver on commitments rather than hammer out a compromise.  I personally don’t agree with raising the gas tax to pay for roads, I think the funding should come from existing revenue sources.

I feel bad for the municipalities of Madison and Morristown whose county road improvement projects were deprioritized. I also feel bad for the laborers who aren’t earning right now because of this.  This whole debacle appears to be a lack of leadership in the state government.  Deteriorating infrastructure can escalate from a nuisance to a safety hazard pretty quickly so continue to encourage our leaders take action before it gets to that point. 

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I think the Freeholders should prioritize road repairs over historical preservation funding for churches.  They recently approved church renovations and then a week later announce that they are scaling back on road paving. They postponed road repairs that directly impact Montville.  Considering that the Freeholders are being sued over the legality of the church renovation spending, I recommend that they postpone the church spending and deliver on the road projects that they already committed to. I would expect that if we polled Montville voters, they'd agree with this revised expenditure of county taxpayer funds.

Mitchell T. Horn, Candidate for Morris County Freeholder