DENVILLE, NJ - Vehicles weighing more than seven tons (14,000 pounds) are being banned from using a bridge that spans NJ Transit tracks in Denville, police said.

The bridge, on Franklin Avenue between Palmer Road and Astro Place, was recently found by New Jersey Transit to suffer from "structural deficiencies," police said.

"As a point of reference, anything larger than a heavy-duty pickup truck may exceed the 14,000-pound weight limit and must use an alternate route," police said. They noted that vehicle weights "can vary greatly from one type of vehicle to another," and asked motorists to check for their vehicle's weight in their owner's manuals or on the sticker usually found on the frame inside the driver's door.

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People with vehicles too heavy for the route are advised to take these alternate routes:

To access Route 10 from Route 46: Take Route 46 to Rockaway Avenue to Franklin Avenue to South Salem Street to Route 10

To access Route 46 from Route 10: Take Franklin Road to Franklin Avenue to Palmer Road to Rockaway Avenue to Route 46.

Police said the weight restriction is expected to stay in place "for the foreseeable future."