MORRISTOWN, NJ - In an effort to make it easier for Morris County residents to keep up with events, meetings, construction projects and more, the county is designing a new county website, said officials.

"The present site is being redesigned," said county digital media manager, Jamie Klenetsky Fay. "We are looking to make it simplier and easier to use".

As the county begins the redesign process, residents are asked to give feedback to improve the "usability, content and overall design" of the website. The survey consists 11 questions that will help improve the structure so that the website is easier to understand and more user friendly. 

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"People will just move on to another site if they can't find information', said county communication  director, Larry Ragonese.  "If you use our site, please tell us what you like and what you don't like. What's missing? What would you like to see?" We are trying to put everything together so if you need to anything, it's here."
The survey is annonymous and no contact information is required.