TAPintoTravels - Normally, it is not a practice of TAPinto Travels to discourage vacationing for such a romantic holiday.  With Valentine’s Day being a Wednesday, it simply isn’t practical. Instead, why not watch a romantic movie that will certainly encourage you to travel to a wonderful location?  TAPinto Travels recommends Somewhere in Time.  

It is one of our picks for the most romantic movies of all time.  Starring the late Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour, it is a romantic fantasy of star crossed lovers that transcends space and time.

The primary location for the film is Mackinac Island.  Known for its beautiful Victorian architecture and the largest summer hotel in the world, the Grand Hotel.  The island also serves as the final destination for the famous Chicago Yacht Club’s - Race to Mackinac.  This year marks the 110th competition which begins July 21.

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For those without a yacht, we recommend visiting the hotel for its 132nd seasonal opening on May 3-4.

The movie depicts the Grand Hotel as a short drive from Chicago.  In reality, it is not accessible by car at all.  In fact, the island does not permit cars. Instead, bicycles and carriages are the main means of transportation.  The island is reached by a high speed catamaran ferry.

TAPinto Travels may never make this recommendation again, but stay home and rent this wonderful movie.  We guarantee that you will want to make the journey to Mackinac Island with your significant other.

Below is a short, romantically stylized video edited with the best scenes from the movie.  The added graphics are a bit cheesy, but seem appropriate for Valentine’s Day.  

As a spoiler alert, you may want to refrain from watching the last minute of the trailer though.