Students of the Christian Drama School of New Jersey will present an original play called Beyond the End at Morris Knolls High School on Mother’s Day weekend, May 13 and 14. Beyond the End is an apocalyptic story of hope that unites science with faith. The adventure is inspired by astronomy and prophecy found in the Biblical books of Zechariah, Matthew, and Revelation. The play seeks to build courage and hope as performers conquer the catastrophic collapse of the universe by destroying evil with love. The plot follows God’s two witnesses who have been chosen to usher in the creation of a new heaven and a new earth. God’s two witnesses find themselves on the Omega Starship where the love of the children becomes the only hope for universe.

Beyond the End was originally written, directed, and choreographed by Rev. Kim Padfield Urbanik in 1993 while she was serving as the Associate Pastor of The Community Church of Mountain Lakes. The play was revised and performed again in 2002 by the Christian Drama School which added an enormous dragon puppet operated by 17 performers. The current play features a newly constructed dragon puppet which is also operated by 17 high school students.  New music, plot, and choreography have been added to the 2017 play by Rev. Urbanik to make it more meaningful to the current generation of teens and millennials. Most of the story is told through music and dance.

A science fiction play like Beyond the End is a change of pace for the Christian Drama School which was founded in 2000. The school usually presents historical plays about famous Christians like Joan of ArcClara BartonMartin LutherAmy Carmichael, and Saint Nicholas or comedies like A Charlie Brown ChristmasThe Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. The Christian Drama School also partners with five schools in Uganda through the Heart for People Foundation. To learn more about the Christian Drama School of New Jersey or get tickets call 973-625-4935 or go to Facebook or