NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - The TAPinto Featured Franchisees for February 2021 are TAPinto Flemington/Raritan’s Audrey Blumberg and Joey Novick.

Blumberg and Novick come from vastly different backgrounds, both inside and outside TAPinto. Blumberg is a career-long journalist, while Novick comes from a legal background.

However, as a team, Blumberg and Novick are a growing force.

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Blumberg first came to TAPinto back in 2014 when she launched TAPinto the Breeze as a digital edition of her monthly print newspaper covering Bridgewater and Raritan. 

Novick, who has lived in Flemington for more than 30 years, prides himself in being a man of many passions, working as “a lawyer, camp counselor, elected official, campaign manager, busboy, author, and child actor, but not necessarily in that order.”

While their careers couldn't be more different, their mutual passion for Flemington-Raritan is easily shown in their work. When asked what they enjoy most about their town, they noted the community they serve is what they love. 

“Flemington has a population of 4200 people and is 1.1 square miles. It’s a small walkable town with a great downtown full of history," they said. "There has been a lot of political and other drama this past year, but if I have learned anything from covering Flemington and Raritan, it is that community is everything to the people who live there. They are fiercely proud of their town and county as a whole, and fiercely protective of it, and I am honored to be the one providing them the news about where they live.”

Flemington-Raritian has grown exponentially in the past year, reaching over a million pageviews in 2020 alone. The two utilize their individual strengths to continuously improve the site.

Novick said: “A combination of having always worked for myself, running my own business, having a great deal of experience speaking in front of audiences along with producing entertainment events have all been beneficial in TAPinto.” 

Blumberg said her listening skills and adaptability have made the transition to covering a new community easier than she thought.

“I like to think I’m a good listener,” she said. “I mean, as a journalist, I suppose I have to be, but I like to think I am good at starting with questions, and then letting the interviewee or the business or whoever I am speaking to take the lead to tell me what they need. I feel I am also good at adapting to fit the needs of my clients and readers – which is also a product of being a good listener. I can go in with a certain vision, and shift when needed if my clients or the story demands it.”

The two believe there is a large market in their territory to expand their site, and they are eager to reach more readers and expand the TAPinto brand. 

“For TAPinto Flemington-Raritan, I want to expand our coverage, give more news about other local Hunterdon County towns (because they read the site too even if they don’t live in Flemington or Raritan Township) and come up with new and innovative ways of attracting advertisers to come to us first to get the word out about their businesses," they said. "I think the only way to go is up with these sites.”

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