Click here to listen to this past Sunday’s show on WMTR 1250AM, which featured Steve Alford, president of the Roxbury Rotary Club. 

Steve has been with the Roxbury Rotary Club for over 20 years, and is serving his fifth term as its president.  We discussed the amazing work of the club and how he embodies their mantra “if not us, then who.” His devotion to the community is unparalleled. 

This coming Sunday, Maria Savettiere, Esq., Executive Director of Deirdre’s House since 2003, will be joining us to discuss its critically important services they provide to child victims in Morris County.

 If you know of anyone who is giving back to the community and helping others in need, please send us an email at or call us at (973) 920-7900 so they can appear on the show.