Denville 4th Ward...Finally HEARD!

 A few weeks ago I had asked Candidate for Mayor, Ellen Sandman to come tour my neighborhood of the 4th Ward to see and discuss problems, issues, and concerns. As I was speaking and touring with her, it became apparent that she was unaware of the significant issues affecting the homeowners and our neighborhood. She was shocked and surprised to hear of the many issues, problems and concerns. I started to realize that if Ellen Sandman, who had been our Town Administrator and Denville resident for 21+ years was not fully aware of the 4th Ward problems, there was a high probability that other Council persons were not either, so I asked if she could coordinate a Town Hall Meeting for the 4th Ward as the residents of the 4th Ward do not have a meeting place to gather. I requested she contact Gary Boroweic, the  4th Ward Councilman, to invite him as well as others to attend.

Ellen, being the Denville residents and Township advocate that she is, immediately agreed with the need for such a meeting and agreed to coordinate it. I share, that it was not the fact that she agreed to coordinate and attend the proposed meeting, but that she looked me in the eyes and told me that no matter what, win or lose the election, she would advocate with 4th Ward residents to not only have their concerns heard but to bring a consensus for solutions.  So on Wednesday, October 23rd a 4th Ward Town Hall Meeting was held to allow residents to discuss the following Talking Points:

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1. Underground & Surface water drainage issues affecting roads and private property (Smith Rd,  Kennedy Drive, Old Mill, Van Dorn)

2. Degrading above & underground utility lines and storm drainage line

3. Increasing traffic patterns, speeding on residential streets esp. Mt. Pleasant Tpke, Smith Rd, Openaki and Casterline

4. Degrading of road surfaces due to increasing traffic patterns and surface underground water.

5. Land Use & Development (4th Ward), Master Plan adherence to maintain residential atmosphere of Rt 10 corridor

6. Increasing High Impact/ LED lighting/ Digital Signs on Rt 10 negatively impacting private residences.

7. Car Dealerships- Hill Rd- Continued abuse of loading/ unloading of cars despite signs prohibiting loading/ unloading. Dealerships not held accountable/ penalized/ or fined

8. Open Space Preservation for passive use - 26 acres of School Board property between Nicole Drive

9. Identify/ Improve the needs of Seniors wishing to stay in Denville - lack of affordable Senior Housing for an aging in place community

10. Identify/ Improve 4th Ward needs/ services/ response time . ( historically the forgotten section of Denville)

A note of thanks to Candidate for Mayor, Ellen Sandman for coordinating this meeting along with John Murphy, 4th Ward resident & Councilman At-Large, Gary Boroweic, 4th Ward Councilman and resident, and Brian Bergen, Councilman, for attending, listening and sharing important information regarding our concerns.

There were about 20 people in attendance. The meeting was successful, respectful, and productive. The expressed concerns & issues will be looked into for potential solutions by  4th Ward Councilman, Gary Boroweic, as well as by Ellen and the other Council members. Gary will also be scheduling 4th Ward Town Hall Meetings on a regular basis at least once per quarter as requested residents.

I have known Ellen both professionally, in her role as Town Administrator, and personally, as a community volunteer, resident and activist for 34 years. Her knowledge and experience in Public Service Administration is quite impressive and her track record of putting residents first, thinking outside the box, bringing consensus, transparency and fiscal responsibility speaks for itself. So when she told me she was committed to supporting and advocating for 4th Ward issues, win, lose or draw, I knew she meant it. Her word is her bond.

These times they are a changing...socially, politically, morally and ethically.  In these uncertain and changing times...Experience...Commitment...Vision and Transparency are the cornerstones upon which to build a new governing model for our Township.  Ellen Sandman is the Candidate of choice to do just that. 

We The People... have the power to effectuate change. Please cast your vote for Ellen Sandman, the Independent Candidate for Mayor on Election day, November 5th,  2019

Patricia Santoro