I have lived in Denville for 35 years (34 years in the 4th ward and now in Indian Lake). I have been acquainted with Ellen Sandman through numerous volunteer events and through her position as Administrator at town hall. I have known her to be dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly and committed to the task at hand. She is forward thinking and is always putting others before herself. Recently I attended an information session that was held as she was beginning her candidacy for Mayor of Denville. I was floored to hear of the number of certifications and degrees that she holds and committees that she sits on. She holds a Master's in Public Administration, Certification as a Municipal Finance Officer, and is currently the commissioner of the Morris County Improvement Authority. Ellen is also a hard working volunteer within Denville. You can not attend an event in Denville that Ellen isn't a part of. She will encourage everyone to volunteer within our town to make it an even better community to live and she does this by setting an example. As Mayor, Ellen will focus on our lake communities, our seniors, improving bike and walking trails and, she WILL focus on the needs of the 4th Ward (better known as the forgotten ward). Ellen also has a plan for helping with the parking situation in town along with how to get it paid for without taxpayer money. Ellen is committed to working with everyone at Town Hall. Working as a team will only move Denville forward into the future.