Dear Denville Community,

As a long-time Denville resident and an owner of a business in Denville, I would like to put some of my fundamental issues out there with regards to the upcoming election for Denville Mayor.

I hope that when I work with families in my business, I think about all the things that are important to them. My parents insisted that we always put the needs of the families that we serve first, ahead of our own needs. I also believe that I work hard at investing in the future of the business by maintaining and upkeeping my buildings and property that service our community. Finally, one of my greatest assets are my employees. They need to be treated respectfully by their employer so they feel appreciated. This will reflect directly in the service they give our customers.

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I was also taught by my parents of the importance of volunteering within my community.

In today’s environment, volunteers are needed to help our communities grow. The taxes are always rising and yet we have an asset in our community which costs us nothing, retirees who can give of their knowledge, experiences and their time to help us in these changing times. This is why I and so many others are working so tirelessly in so many areas of Denville volunteer community, whether in sports and recreation, scouting programs, P.R.I.D.E. Council, our Religious Organizations, and the Hospital to name a few.

The town has made many positive changes in the past few years, and much of this has been done by the current administration as well as a lot of hardworking dedicated volunteers.  As we move into the future, I feel we are ready for a change in leadership. I am supporting Mrs. Ellen Sandman in her bid for Mayor. She has over forty years of public administration experience and a vast network she can call upon for advice and ideas to improve our town. She is also retired now, with the time to focus solely on our community.

When Mrs. Sandman was Denville’s Business Administrator, I had the pleasure of working with her professionally, and as a community volunteer in many capacities.  She gave us more than 100% to every task and position she was involved in and is a very hands-on person. She also engaged with the residents and volunteers.  She has invaluable knowledge of town government and I believe she will be able to foster a positive environment within the town.  She will be able to get the different departments to work together to improve efficiency between them, which is very important today.

I have been an active community volunteer on several committees over the decades, and I have lived in Denville for most of my life. This has given me many opportunities to work with a variety of township employees and I have observed a shift in the morale and attitude of many employees across different departments under the current leadership. Many have expressed feeling of being micromanaged, disrespected, and underappreciated. Their concerns and suggestions have gone unrecognized. Several excellent employees have left for jobs in other communities, because of their frustrations here in Denville.  

I know that making the decision to run for mayor didn’t come lightly for Ellen, and she wanted to be retired and fully separated from Parsippany before running for office. This made it difficult for her to prepare for the Republican primary in June. I also know that she will not take her stipend salary as mayor if elected. Her feeling is that she would donate it back. Her commitment and dedication have always been all about Denville.

I am also aware that the Denville Republican Committee has felt they can’t publicly support her. That’s too bad, but that’s politics. However, Ellen is a Republican and decided to run as a Petition Candidate in this general election because she believes Denville needs a change. I also know she will support and work with the sitting council members as well as those candidates for council who are elected in November.

If you believe like me, you should choose Ellen M. Sandman for Mayor and vote for the three Republican candidates for council who will work with Ellen.  If you have not had a chance to speak with Ellen M. Sandman, I encourage you to reach out and discover what ideas she has for our community. Her personal cell phone is 973-476-0563. An educated voter is our most valuable citizen.

Sincerely, Thomas Dean