Ellen Sandman is an outstanding person and has done much for Denville. I know for certain that I am not alone in believing that it is about time for her to do much more. According to some literature, Ellen chose to run for mayor only after retiring from her full-time position in Parsippany in order to give the part-time Denville mayor position, full-time attention, all while donating the mayor’s salary back to the town. She would have been permitted to run for Denville Mayor while she was still the Business Administrator in Parsippany but made the wise decision to focus on one town at a time. She also waited for Tom to finish his second term and even approached and spoke with Tom about a bid for mayor. Although there are no term limits for mayor, I think we are ready for a change for a myriad of reasons. She explains that she did not run in the Republican primary in June because she did not begin her campaign until after she was fully separated from Parsippany. This timeframe did not allow for her to prepare for an election in June. So, after careful consideration and a full understanding that she wanted to run FOR the residents and business owners of Denville, she ran as a petition candidate for the November general election. Now every voting resident can pick their next mayor regardless of which party they are registered with. Ellen Sandman’s tenure as Denville Township’s Business Administrator was more productive than can be listed. She worked with many mayors and even more council members to accomplish so much that this town can be proud of. It was always a team approach and Denville residents were always put first. So, to say that Tom “Championed” anything is disingenuous. I am sure the council and other town employees that worked on projects over the past eight years deserve some credit. We need to remember that, because of the Faulkner Act, it is the council who must vote for every project that is completed. The council holds the purse strings of the town’s finances, so nothing can be done without their vote. Tom has done good things, but certainly not alone. Ellen is also the epitome of balancing the needs for all the residents, as well as the township’s employees and volunteers because she has always treated everyone in a fair and balanced way. This is unlike the treatment given to township employees, residents and volunteers by the current Administration. Unfortunately, too many are too afraid or too kind to speak up about how they are treated. Ellen has received support from business owners, board of education members, senior citizens, lake community members, committee volunteers, emergency service volunteers, township employees, etc. based purely on the treatment they have received. This is not to mention the support she has gained because of her ideas, that addresses many of the town’s issues. Ellen has addressed many concerns that have previously fallen on deaf ears. Every vote for Ellen Sandman is a choice by the residents based on who they believe is best for Denville. Ellen is not taking any votes away from anyone. If this election is about Denville first, before political party, why is so much focus on partly line affiliation at the local level? This is not a good message for the residents of Denville. If the people come out and vote for the best person, not a political party, then we, as Denville residents, all win. We can then all choose our preferred candidates. As for the nostalgia…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. That is a major factor in Ellen’s positive message and is certainly something that other elected officials should aspire to. That positivity is a big part of the Denville that I know and love, and something we should all yearn for. Go Ellen!