My fellow Denville residents, eight years ago when I joined the Denville Township Council I had big shoes to fill. I filled the open Council seat vacated by Tom Andes when he was voted in as Denville Township’s Mayor. Here was a man who has always been very active in the community and volunteering on many committees, yet he found time to be dedicated for many years with the Denville scouting program. He was significantly involved with his boys as they moved through the Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs. His leadership with Denville BSA Troop 17 as Troop Committee Chair helped develop many young volunteers and leaders that are active in our community today. It is this quality that Denville can benefit most from; “leadership.” People can talk about leadership but Tom has clearly shown it over the past two plus decades. At this time, this is what Denville needs the most. We have a good number of challenges that face our township today, affordable housing obligations, vigilant fiscal responsibility, debt reduction, continued revitalization of our downtown and enhancing partnerships with our lake communities and seniors. Tom is the best candidate to provide that leadership. By casting your vote for Tom Andes and the supporting At-Large slate of candidates, John Murphy, Angie Cote, and Harry Fahrer, we position Denville to have a bright future.


Douglas Gabel

Denville Township Council President