We asked people who work at restaurants in New Jersey the worst things that customers did.

“Folks have no idea what happens behind the scenes or, for that fact, in front of them,” said a woman in Central New Jersey who asked not to be named. “Dirty diapers on the table. A woman used a pitcher to vomit in. A ‘Home Alone’ situation — yes, they forgot a child.”

Here are some of the most insensitive, mean and crazy things we heard.

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You’ve got to be kidding

“We had a customer build their own salad and then tell us it was gross, and they wanted a new salad. They picked the ingredients,” said Dave, owner of a restaurant that makes chopped salads to order. Another time, he said, a customer “reached around the glass and ate the honey mustard pretzels.”

Just, ewww

“Technically not a restaurant — it was a food bar at a supermarket, and they have seating like a restaurant,” said John Schutz in Bridgewater. “A customer helped themselves to a sample of a chicken wing. When they were done eating it, they threw the bone back into the hot tray of wings. Needless to say, the supermarket then threw out the rest of the tray of wings.”

Don’t trust that review

“Someone left a one-star Yelp review before they even tried us because we were closed Sundays in the summer and it was ‘inconvenient’ for them,” said Amanda Vargas, owner of a café in Westfield.

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here

“I’d have to say paying your bill on a busy night but then remaining at the table for a long time, which makes wait time even longer for others,” said Rob Ramirez, who works at a popular restaurant in Kenilworth. “Hosts then get screamed at for the wait taking longer than predicted, but it’s no fault of the host.”

Very sensitive of you

Lisa Cuccinello Speer works at a restaurant in North Jersey.

“On one occasion we had a person choke on his steak, have a heart attack and have to be resuscitated in our dining room. He later passed away,” she wrote. “A customer at another table asked me if they would be ‘getting a discount since their lunch was interrupted.’ WTH?!?!”

Nice try, pal

Burim Regjaj owns a pizzeria in Westfield.

“A person called our shop demanding that another pizza is delivered to him, immediately, because his pie was burned. Asked if he had ordered online or was it delivered, he answered, ‘It was a pick up.’ Despite being a Friday, we accepted his request and asked him to pick up his pie in 15 minutes. He claimed that his wife took the vehicle thus we should deliver the pie. We asked for the home address, he offered to help us by meeting us on an intersection but no specific address. A red flag for sure. I asked if he had the pin order number to match the pie he ordered. He curses out and hangs up.

“A week later, we get the same phone call, same demand, same arrangement except this time he went ahead and said ‘by the way I forgot the pin order number.’ We told him that we don't give out ‘pin order number,’ which is true. He curses again and hangs up.”

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