EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Just Pups owner Vincent LoSacco, charged with 267 counts of animal cruelty is auctioning off over 400 breeding dogs, including mothers with their puppies, in Milan, Missouri on August 6, 2016. LoSacco is currently facing charges filed by the office of the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey and fines that could go as high as $320,000.

The East Brunswick Township Council voted unanimously this spring to deny a business license of any type to LoSacco, the operator of the Just Pups store on Route 18 North.  Following inspections by both township and Middlesex County officials, the site was noted for its exceptionally poor business practice and cruelty to animals.

Southwest Auction Service & Marketing, a large auction companies that deals in livestock, vehicles, and farm equipment with divisions in several states including Texas and Missouri, will set up a tent with two auction rings and commence the bidding. All dogs will be microchipped for identification.

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The dogs are being auctioned by Randy and Kandy Hale. Their FB page is filled with complaints already. 400 dogs will be auctioned, according to the website for Southwest Auction.  The auction is listed as the "Just Pups" auction, yet the name of neither of the LoSacco brothers appears on the flyer

The flyer lists several types of cross-bred dogs popular for their diminutive size or distinctive features.  Dogs must be at least 8 weeks old, in good condition, and microchipped to qualify for an auction sale like the one in Missouri next week.  A call placed by TAP into East Brunswick to the auctioneers was not returned at the time of this publication.