EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - I really wanted to title this article "A Letter From The Editor". 

I had planned all summer long that in the week prior to school starting, I was going to pay a visit to the East Brunswick Board of Education offices to interview new superintendent, Dr. Victor Valeski, and ask him to outline for me his goals for his first full year. 

However, I attended the most recent board of education meeting on Aug. 28.  Dr. Valeski, in his scheduled report, presented the video welcoming all of the new teachers to the district that was shown to them during their "New Teacher Orientation."

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I found that it was so well done, and illustrated both Dr. Valeski's goals and that of the district so well, that I no longer felt the need to come and visit him separately. I thought the rest of East Brunswick would like to get a glimpse into many of the reasons, and more importantly many of the people, that make our school district so desired and so popular in this state. 

Here is to hoping for a great school year for all involved in our schools!

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