EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - All hands were on deck cleaning up after the effects from the hurricane. This is a coordinated effort among the EB Police Department, EB Fire Districts, Department of Public Works, Planning/Engineering and Parks&Recreation.

Authorities advise that residents do not try to move trees and definitely

Stay 30 feet away from any downed power lines.

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PSEG and JCPL are trying to restore power as quickly as possible. Some fixes are easy- as in flipping on breakers. Others take longer - as in trees that have fallen on power lines. Please be patient.

Feel free to call the EBPD to report downed trees that are on power lines, causing traffic problems or have caused significant property damage.

We will continue to update the community on social media and on the Township Website. On a good note- there have been no reports of injuries or accidents to any residents. Stay safe!!!

*This in formation was shared by the Township of East Brunswick.