The paranormal and local history combine in a unique walking tour in the Old Bridge section of East Brunswick Township.  Built atop a Lenape village, this neighborhood witnessed its first murder in 1727 when an Indian sachem shot and killed the local tavern owner for cheating him out of his land. That was the first recorded death, but certainly not the last.


The village was made a historic district in 1976 and dozens of homes date to before the American Civil War and many of them have paranormal activity. The old Herbert Appleby house is a prime example with sightings and dis-embodied voices and dream visitations of the forgotten dead. The former Simpson Methodist Church is also home to spirits, which make their presence known to casual visitors.


The Fifth Annual East Brunswick Ghost Walk is sponsored by the NJ Ghost Organization and the $8 per person fee helps support the local volunteer fire company. The event is held each Saturday in October, beginning at 7:30 p.m., rain or shine.