EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - First they take away her cell phone. OMG!  OMG! Then they give her a map--old-school paper, no GPS. Then they send her and her friends off on a mysterious tour of Europe with nothing but backpacks full of Red Bull energy drinks.  Can East Brunswick's Cassandra Aran make it?

A 2012 graduate of East Brunswick high School, Cassie Aran played rec soccer here.  Her love of hiking and camping came from her membership in Girl Scouts. She enjoys meeting people and credits her flexibility and outgoing nature partially to her membership in the East Brunswick Youth Council. Now a student at Rowan University, Aran has backpacked across the United States, Australia and New Zealand. As part of the "Trekkin Trio," Aran will be joined by her fellow Rowan student Brandon and Mallory, a friend whom she met while backpacking in Australia.

Aran said, "My passion for travel started as a Girl Scout in East Brunswick and has transformed into an absolute love. Nothing excites me more than the idea of packing everything I own into a bag and traveling the world. Growing up in East Brunswick and being a part of the Youth Council and the Girl Scouts was the seed that allowed me to grow into a person who faces my fears."

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The Can You Make It Competition is hosted by Red Bull and is an opportunity for daring  people to face their fears and challenge themselves to make it across Europe using only Red Bull as currency. 165 student teams from 50+ countries across the globe will have seven days to travel across Europe using only cans of Red Bull as currency. It’s a journey of adventure, charm, and strategy that leaves one question: Can You Make It?

To make this adventure happen, all Cassie needs is support from her home town. Vote for Cassie by pressing the Facebook LIKE button to represent East Brunswick here.

If Cassie makes it through, she will post videos of her journey along the way to thank everyone in East Brunswick for their support.