EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - On November 8, East Brunswick residents will vote for candidates to fill 3 seats on the Board of Education.  Currently, there are 7 candidates in the running for these positions. Our schools are geared toward both maintaining proven excellence and moving ahead with innovation. 

As per the input of the residents in an open house last spring, TAP into East Brunswick has invited all candidates to contribute a personal statement that addresses his or her interest in the East Brunswick Schools.  As we attempt to address the concerns of our community, TAP has also asked for each candidate's thoughts regarding standardized testing, specifically the PARCC assessments.  

TAP will publish all responses that we have received in the order in which they came to us.

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Gaurav Panchal:  Candidate for East Brunswick Board of Education

My name is Gaurav Panchal and I am a practicing Certified Public Accountant also possessing a Master degree in MIS from a US University, originally being a Chartered Accountant from India, and I am also a father of two young students of East Brunswick schools.

As a parent and as a responsible resident of the township, I always feel that one need to contribute more to the future of our next generation. As the present time is demanding vigorous challenges in the real world to make a successful career, it is time for the young students to be ready and be prepared even before they choose their real career. While students are developing their fundamental understandings, the core development towards the path of success will lead them to achieve multidimensional goals of the life including the enrichment of the life achieved due to the education. The time has arrived that one has to be ready for a global career in today’s environment.

The students can be put on the path of success only by the great teachers and ample resources. Teaching is the most honorable profession and I believe that more than a parent, a teacher contributes in the profound development of a person. And, for that purpose we need to take care of the developers of our next generation.

I consider that the standardized testing is an opportunity to get ready for the future standardized tests to face at the entry points of majority of the universities.

I would like to open an avenue for those who are not involved in such process on regular basis but would like to express their opinions and views to benefit our educational system. So, through my respect, care, experience and professional expertise, I would like to contribute to the board in planning, budgeting, raising & employing resources and proposing & developing new means to achieve the broader success with the intention to curtail unnecessary burden to the taxpayers of the Township of East Brunswick.