Dear Editor,

January is National Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trials Awareness Month. The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is raising awareness about the critical role clinical trials play in making scientific progress, especially for a disease like pancreatic cancer that has few effective treatment options. It is a cancer on the rise, with a five-year survival rate in the single digits at just six percent.

I understand firsthand the urgent need to have more doctors and patients discuss and then consider participation in clinical trials that could contribute to breakthroughs in treatment for pancreatic cancer, and ultimately increase survival. As for myself I too have a connection to Pancreatic Cancer. Both my mother and grandfather died of the disease. And sadly during decades that have passed little progress has been made to increase the dismal five – year survival rate of just six percent.

This is why I was concerned when I learned that a recent survey of pancreatic cancer patients and caregivers revealed they are often not aware of clinical trials. To bring attention to this issue and increase enrollment, the organization’s Patient and Liaison Services (PALS) program educates patients and caregivers about their options and the value of clinical trials. PALS conducts free personalized searches using its comprehensive and proprietary, clinical trials database.

If we can work together to increase awareness about the role of clinical trials, we as a nation can create HOPE for patients and their families.

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Adrienne E. Turner

Media Representative, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Southern New Jersey Affiliate