EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - It's Week #4 already in our CSA.  The mystery continues to unfold as the summer presents all its local goodies. If you are a good cook, this is your week.  (However, we know that those peaches, tomatoes, and corn are yet to come.)  Here's what was in my share this week:



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String beans




Cucumbers for pickling

Swiss chard


Leafy lettuce

Pink (not Ruby) begonias

Great stuff, but what to do with it all?  So far, I have shelled the peas for use sometime soon.  I have cleaned and prepped the string beans and put them in the freezer.  I am using the kale for salads and for my Nutribullet veggie smoothie base. I use the kale, some V-8 juice, some carrot, lots of ice,and a bit of celery.  Antioxidants, baby!  

Basil?  Basil is an old friend here in the Garden State, so I am sure that you have a favorite pesto recipe somewhere.  Use it quickly, though, to get that bright green color and bright sunny taste.

Beets?  We are going to see lots of beets over the next few weeks, so let's enjoy them. I am going to roast them whole today, then peel and slice them.  Delicious on their own with just a good grind of salt.

The spinach gets the full Italian "soft vegetable" treatment, sauteed with garlic and EVOO.  Again, wash this vegetable three times and use a salad spinner.  That sandy NJ soil is all ovr my counter.  I don't need it in my dinner, too.

I will repeat last week's Swiss chard recipe because it was delicious, and I will serve it to some guests at dinner on Monday.  Maybe some cukes or stringbeans for pickling?  Give it a shot.  Mason jars are really popular these days.  Be a farmer-hippie chick or guy.

So....the dill.  Here are some recipes for using it quickly.  My favorite is for the Greek yogurt sauce Tzatziki.  (Next to baba ganouj, tzatziki is my favorite name for a food!)  This sauce is great for grilled meats, fish, or chicken.  It's more fun and tastier than mayo, especially in the summer.  Give this one a shot and let me know how it goes.