SOUTH RIVER, NJ- On November 7th, voters across the state of New Jersey have a set of incredibly important choices before them. As for the voters of Legislative District 18, the choice seems easy, as they can elect the incumbent Democrats, ones who serve party bosses and special interests, or they can elect a new brand of leadership by voting for Lewis Glogower, a resident of South River and an East Brunswick small business owner.

A vote for the incumbent Democrats will guarantee that residents of New Jersey, will continue to see tax increases, and a continuation of failed policies in Trenton. Moreover, the incumbents have no plan to cut property and have continually failed to provide adequate funding to school districts in Legislative District 18.

Glogower, by contrast, wants to take his experience and expertise in the private sector to Trenton to provide real representation. He will work tirelessly to fight for his constituents, not special interests and big donors, while opposing all new tax increases and supporting and audit of Trenton to cut wasteful spending and reduce property taxes. 

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When asked about the race, Lew said “It has been far too long since this district has had real representation. If you give me the honor of representing you in Trenton, I will work with my 39 fellow Senators, both Democrats and Republicans, to lower the taxes of every New Jersey resident and streamline state government.  Electing me is the first step towards fixing New Jersey.  Electing the same people over and over will never make that happen.”

Glogower’s sentiment echoes in polls, where the New Jersey State Legislature’s approval rating has sat in the mid-20% range for quite some time, yet many of the incumbents will return to Trenton after being reelected in November. “It is time for change,” Lewis says, “and I am offering one avenue of change, of a fresh perspective, of new life in the New Jersey Statehouse.”

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