EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Using the funds directed to the Transportation Trust Fund and supported by last year's gas tax, the New Jersey Department of Transportation has issued a municipal grant to East Brunswick today.  The township has been awarded $280,000 to pay for the resurfacing of Dunham's Corner Road, a widely-traveled east-west passage.

As described by Township Administrator Joe Criscuolo, "the state funding system is fair and based on a matrix centered on population.  We have received the funds, now we will put the job out to bid."  

East Brunswick was one of 373 New Jersey communities to receive the funds, following a competitive grants process.  In all, Governor Chris Christie approved $78.5 million in awards to townships to maintain, improve, or upgrade existing roads without additional money provided by taxpayers.

“Most of the Municipal Aid grants will support road resurfacing or preservation projects, and will help towns make much needed repairs,” NJDOT Commissioner Richard T. Hammer said in a press release. “These grants will help keep local roads in a state of good repair without burdening local property taxes.”