EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - The day started with weather that left everybody concerned that a postponement was inevitable.  However mother nature decided to cooperate, and the winds of Arthur blew away, the weather clearing and improving as each hour passed.  This left a glorious later afternoon and evening, with the sun finally shining and enabling East Brunswick to celebrate the return of the Fourth of July celebration in town for the first time in a few years.

The event, run by EB Recreation, and sponsored by General Heating and Cooling, with co-sponsors Freedman Chiropractic and the East Brunswick Grove brought out a tremendous crowd to enjoy food and drink from various vendors and restaurants in the area.  Everyone also enjoyes music from both The Emulators as well as Brian Kirk and the Jirks.  At 7PM, everyone got to "enjoy" watching the participants in the Chicken Wing Eating contest, sponsored by The Brunswick Grove, and judged by East Brunswick Councilman Jim Wendell.

All of that was a precursor to the main event of the evening, which everyone patiently waited for darkness.  At which point, the long awaited return of East Brunswick's annual fireworks display took place, and it was most certainly worth the wait.  Everyone that viewed the fireworks agreed it was one of the best that they had seen, including many who said it rivaled any put on in New York City.  It is hoped that this return of the annual fireworks will be made permanent.