EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Cassie Aran pf East Brunswick starts the Red Bull European today. She's flying to Berlin, and she and her team the Trekkin' Trio have to use thier wits and skills to make it to Paris. No cash, no credit cards, no phones -- just the energy drink Red Bull for currency.

Here is the first of her video installments -- packing for the trip -- that we will receive from Cassie. After this, she will be on a tech shutdown except for her Twitter and Facebook accounts. She can't answer or read any of your replies, but she will know when you have shared her messages. Shares help Cassie and her friends to get points that could -will- lead to their eventual victory as they arrive in the City of Lights in a few days.

Watch the video (it contains some packing advice, too) and let's stick with Cassie as she navigates Europe.