Dear Editor,

As an informed citizen and regular viewer of East Brunswick Township Council meetings, I feel compelled to write a letter to the editor - something I normally do not do. The East Brunswick Republican Team has been putting together responsible budgets for the last four years - each of which spend less than East Brunswick did all the way back in 2006. Every one of these budgets, by the way, have been adopted with both Republican and Democratic support. That is, until the last meeting where one of the Democratic council-members who just happens to be up for election this year, refused to vote for the budget. When challenged to come up with just one cut - he said he was not prepared with any. This is not acceptable behavior from an elected official entrusted to be the custodian of my tax dollars.

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Ever since the election season has started, the East Brunswick Democrats have argued for increased spending, without ever mentioning how they would pay for it. I will answer that question for them: YOUR wallet.

I shudder to think what the Township of East Brunswick's finances would be like if we had a Democrat-led governing body. The East Brunswick Republicans have been fiscally responsible while also putting record investment into our roads and infrastructure. They also have an aggressive economic development plan - one that has lowered vacancy rates on Route 18 the past three years running. We are finally seeing growth within our commercial tax base, the main link to lowering the tax burden on our homeowners.

I will continue to support the East Brunswick team of Ferraro, Hughes, Wendell and LeBlon-Blum because they are the only team with a proven record and plan of enhancing the quality of life in East Brunswick while spending less of my hard earned money; not more.

All the East Brunswick Democrats have to offer are the same tired negative attacks with no plan for how they would pay for the increased spending they propose. Unless of course they were being honest, in which case they would come right out and say it: they will raise my taxes even more.

Dan Mowers
East Brunswick, NJ