EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - East Brunswick GOP Chairman Jesal Amin is calling on former Mayor Kevin McEvoy to restate his position on his self-described crowning achievement – the township’s redevelopment plan.  

Chairman Amin stated:

“Former Mayor Kevin McEvoy remains silent on his proudest achievement as the town’s Executive, ushering in the township’s redevelopment plan – which is closer to overdevelopment.  Mayor McEvoy first got us into this mess, and the residents deserve to know where he stands.  Furthermore, the voters of East Brunswick deserve to know whether former Mayor McEvoy will be a rubber stamp for Mayor Cohen and his chosen council candidates, despite their well-known personal incompatibility. “

The GOP Chair also pointed out this achievement will result in expanding services , which may cause a hefty tax increase. Chairman Amin continued, “East Brunswick cannot afford the price of Democrat silence.”