EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ   Heritage Pharmaceuticals Inc. (“Heritage”), based in One Tower Center, East Brunswick, New Jersey, is very excited to announce the opening of a new 38,000 square foot production facility located at 16 Elkins Road in East Brunswick, NJ.  The new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, operated by Heritage Pharma Labs Inc. (“Heritage Pharma Labs”), consists of dispensaries/pharmacies and multiple manufacturing suites to hold fixed and portable equipment to perform pharmaceutical operations like mixing, granulation, drying, milling/sieving, compaction, extrusion/spheronization, blending, compression, coating, encapsulation and packaging.


The new facility was built using modular cleanroom walls from a composite construction of two skins of high pressure plastic laminate over an aluminum framework with a sealed and insulated interior.  The entire facility is supported by state-of-the-art utility systems with a forced air HVAC system for air conditioning (temperature and humidity control) and area pressurization as required.  Heritage has enjoyed a superior regulatory history and its facilities have been inspected by the USFDA ten (10) times with an excellent compliance record.  This new facility has already been approved by Health Canada, European Medicines agency, and TGA Australia.


Heritage is a rapidly growing generic pharmaceutical company engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of generic pharmaceutical products for the U.S. prescription drug market.  Heritage's products cover many therapeutic categories, including but not limited to: cardiovascular, metabolic disease, anti-infective and pain management.  Heritage provides high quality generic medicines that help patients and practitioners achieve affordable healthcare solutions.  Heritage currently manufactures twenty-eight (28) products including tablets, capsules, soft gels, and powders for suspension, with an annualized volume of 2.0 billion units and packaging of 1.5 million serialized units. 

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Heritage Pharma Labs had meager beginnings, starting as Emcure Pharmaceuticals USA., Inc. in 2005, with one 15,000-square foot facility and only twelve employees.  But since 2005, Heritage Pharma Labs has achieved significant growth milestones, including:


2008          Adding an additional 19,000 square feet of manufacturing space, growing our headcount to 70 employees, and launching our first commercial product – an ER capsule.


2010          Adding an additional 27,000 square feet of manufacturing space at 16A Elkins Road, East Brunswick, NJ.


2014          Adding 35,000 square feet of warehousing space at 8 Elkins Road, East Brunswick, NJ, growing our headcount to 100 employees, and adopting the Heritage Pharma Labs name.


Today        Adding an additional 38,000 square feet of manufacturing space -- bringing the total area of manufacturing space to 125,000 square feet -- and expecting to increase our total employee headcount in East Brunswick to 225 employees by the beginning of 2019.