EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Despite recent growth and a surge in location occupation, more lights are going out on Route 18 South.

According to a corporate report obtained by Business Insider, the East Brunswick K-Mart is one of many that will close across the country in 2017. Four stores are closing in New Jersey.

K-Mart is owned by Sears, which will not close its New Brunswick location this year. A combined total of 150 stores -- 108 K-Marts and 42 Sears stores -- will close across the country in 2017.

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This announcement follows the report of many closings of Macy's locations last fall. The location at the Brunswick Square Mall is not currently affected by these closures.  

Nationwide, Target, Penney's and Bed, Bath and Beyond are closing less profitable stores to focus on developing their online resources; to expand stronger locations; and to increase online sales. 

"Several macroeconomic factors are driving this push toward a smaller store base, analysts said. For one, retailers simply have too many stores, particularly as more consumers shop online. For another, the demographics no longer make sense for stores to exist in certain suburban locations, as more young Americans are flocking to cities and staying there longer," say market reporters for CNBC

A long-time member of the local corporate community, East Brunswick's K-Mart has recently had to share space with an upgraded Target location on Ryder's Lane and two Wal-Mart locations on Route 18.

Construction trends, according to online resources, are moving toward "multi-use" reconstruction of the malls and big stores that brought life to the suburbs at the end of the last century. Malls and large buildings may serve several purposes, as the suburbs reinvent themselves to stay vibrant.