East Brunswick, NJ- East Brunswick mayoral candidate Jesal Amin issued the following guidelines for his plans for the redevelopment of Route 18 as well as development in general.

  1. Preserve the character of East Brunswick by prioritizing the building of single-family homes over high-density apartment and condominium complexes.
  2. Redevelop Route 18 with retail, high tech industry, and dining not mixed-use developments.
  3. Rewrite the township master plan to emphasize the residential nature of East Brunswick.
  4. Invest in East Brunswick’s infrastructure- repaving the roads, filling potholes, and replacing water and sewer lines.

“I would like to commend Mayor Cohen on recognizing that certain segments of Route 18 are in desperate need of redevelopment. However, the Mayor and I share a fundamental difference on how to redevelop East Brunswick. The Mayor’s plan of mixed-use developments would make traffic even more unbearable, increase the tax burden on faced by residents, overcrowd our schools - diminishing the quality of our children’s education and worst of all, totally change the character of our community.” Stated Amin.

“But as bad as the Mayor’s plan has been, his implementation has been far worse. Nearly 4 years into his term redevelopment is stalled, and the blighted portions of Route 18 are just as blighted as they were the day he was elected, property taxes are sky-high and instead of attracting businesses to East Brunswick, he has attracted lawsuits. The Mayor continues to mortgage our children’s future by taking out a $15 million bond last year only putting us further into debt and to add insult to injury his administration hired a company the specializes in urban redevelopment. No one moved to East Brunswick to live in the city, and as more and more flee the cities to live in the suburbs, I will stand up and defend the East Brunswick that we all know and love.” Continued Amin.

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About Jesal Amin

Jesal Amin is a small business owner and immigrant from India who is running for Mayor of East Brunswick to give back to the community that allowed his family to achieve the American Dream.  Amin is committed to moving East Brunswick forward by making it an affordable place to live and raise a family, while keeping development in check and maintaining East Brunswick’s top-notch school system.  He has lived in East Brunswick for over 24 years with his wife Bela, who is also a small business owner, and raised two sons who are graduates of the East Brunswick public school system.

Questions and comments may be directed to info@aminforeastbrunswick.com.