EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Police units were called to the area of Merrill Avenue early Thursday morning for several unlocked vehicles that had been broken into. The suspect only entered unlocked vehicles. According to the East Brunswick Police Department, the vehicles were parked on Merrill Ave, Lois Ave, Mansfield Ave, Quincy Rd, Valley View Rd and Highview Rd. The suspect removed numerous items from the vehicles including change and backpacks.

Police report that the suspect was observed on a resident’s surveillance camera and was described as possibly a white male, approximately 6 feet tall, thin build and wearing jeans, dark sneakers, a light colored or gray hooded sweatshirt, a light colored backpack and work gloves with a dark stripe on them. The image was observed through a night vision camera so the colors description could be of a different color.

Anyone that has any information regarding the incident or suspect is asked to contact Detective John Breen of the East Brunswick Police Department's Investigative Division at 732-390-6990.

East Brunswick Police Department’s Community Policing Unit is providing the following safety tips for securing personal property in your vehicles.

  • Periodically throughout the year law enforcement agencies often see an increase in overnight thefts from vehicles, although it is an unfortunate situation many of these thefts are preventable by you. The East Brunswick Police Department would like to remind residents of some simple tips to make your personal property more secure. If you are a victim of a theft within the township we urge you to notify the police at 732-390-6900.
  • Always lock your car doors after entering it or leaving it: Remember, it only takes a few seconds to steal items from your car so it is not uncommon for a thief to steal your things simply because the opportunity presented itself. Keep all windows, including sun/moon roof closed: Even if your window is just cracked open, a thief can manipulate the mechanism to fully open the window and enter your vehicle.
  • Park your car in a busy or well-lit area: The greater the chances are that someone might see the crime in progress, the lower the chances are that a thief will take that risk. Utilize your exterior residential lighting to as an advantage by installing motion sensor flood lighting or landscape lighting near your driveway.
  • Keep the interior of your car clean: Allowing a thief to look into the car and see items they potentially want to steal may give them the incentive to attempt an entry into your car. Keeping your interior clean reduces your risk as a target.
  • Remove valuable items from your vehicles overnight: Do not store or leave any valuables in your car overnight especially important items such as wallets, handbags, briefcases, etc. If removing them is not feasible, lock them in your trunk. Storing your valuables in your trunk takes your items out of view and is much more secure than the center console or glove box.
  • Store your GPS after use, including its mounting bracket: A GPS is an expensive item that is easy for a car thief to take, so removing evidence that you have a portable GPS is ideal. (This includes sometimes wiping away the ring that is created by a GPS suction cup). Another option is to just remove it from the vehicle when not in use.
  • Do not leave keys inside your car: If you are leaving your keys in your car overnight you’re running a risk that a thief may find your spare car keys, house keys, or your garage opener. Any of these important sets of keys being accessible to an opportunistic thief places you at risk for your car being taken or more importantly your home being burglarized