EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - The East Brunswick Department of Public Safety is pleased to announce the recent graduation of Captain James Conroy from the 261st Session at the FBI National Academy. Captain Conroy, a 21 year veteran of the East Brunswick Police Department and the Commander of the Investigative Division has successfully completed the ten (10) week course which took place at the United States Marine Corps Base at Quantico Virginia. Captain Conroy lived on campus during the class which ran from July 13, 2015 to September 18, 2015. This program, which was implemented by the FBI in 1938, has graduated over 45,000 law enforcement officers nationally and internationally. Included in the class were members of law enforcement agencies from the District of Columbia, 23 international countries, five military organizations, and five federal civilian organizations.

The FBI National Academy is a professional course of study for U.S. and international law enforcement leaders that serves to improve the administration of justice in police departments and agencies at home and abroad and to raise law enforcement standards, knowledge, and cooperation worldwide.

The FBI National Academy focuses on leadership development and emphasizes critical thinking. The National Academy provides undergraduate and graduate college courses in the fields of law, behavioral science, forensic science, understanding terrorism/terroristic mindsets, leadership development, communication and health/fitness. In addition to the academics there is also daily physical fitness training and challenges. The final challenge is a grueling 6.1 mile run designed by the Marines that covers trails, hills, water hazards and obstacles. It is known as the “yellow brick road”.

It is estimated that one out of every seven National Academy graduates is the head of a department. Captain Conroy is also a graduate of Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command and holds an undergraduate degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Training and Development.