EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - The East Brunswick Police Department took to the streets on Friday, December 11th to spread some holiday cheer. The Office of the Chief, working in conjunction with the East Brunswick FOP Lodge #98 and East Brunswick PBA Local #145, handed out $20 gift cards to Walmart to unsuspecting shoppers throughout the township. Both East Brunswick Police Unions donated $250 each and purchased twenty-five gift cards in $20 denominations.

Officers randomly stopped people as they were shopping or getting into their cars from various establishments and presented them with a $20 gift card. Some of the recipients were so moved by the gesture that they broke down into tears. One female shopper who was purchasing gifts for her children couldn’t stop crying long enough to say thank you clearly.

According to Chief of Police William Krause, "This was an idea that quickly grew. Working with the two police unions we all agreed that we wanted to initiate a way to bring a little more good will into the holiday season for people. Hopefully we put a smile on a few faces today and maybe encouraged some people to go out and do something nice for someone else."