EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Some citizens of East Brunswick are in an uproar for a variety of reasons regarding the zoning and planning for two residential developments planned for the township.  The meetings focused on sites on Tices Lane and Summerhill Road promise to to be contentious.

Tomorrow's meeting of the East Brunswick Zoning Board will take place at Memorial Elementary School, 14 Innes Road at 8:00 pm.  The meeting was originally scheduled for May 17.  The subject of the meeting is Application # Z-18-08, HD Summerhill, LLC (Development Summerhill Road/Old Stage Road.)  This development features 120 units of apartment housing, a bank, and a CVS.  It will be located adjacent to Frost Woods.  The developer has requested a variance to increase the height of the buildings and to augment signage.  Though there will be no encroachment into Frost Woods, some local residents fear the loss of this natural space.  Many more are concerned about heavy traffic in an area that already sees a great deal of congestion.

Originally scheduled for tonight, the discussion of the proposed development on Tices Lane at the East Brunswick Planning Board meeting has been rescheduled for Wednesday, July 18.  There will still be a meeting tonight to discuss the remaining items on the agenda.  Discussion at the July 18 meeting will center on Application # 18-07V, Hidden Oak Woods, LLC, a project of the Alfieri Company that will place 275 residential units behind Tices Lane Park, between Harts Lane and Tices Lane.  Some residents object to these four-story buildings because of the congestion already evident on Tices Lane and the likely impact on local schools.