SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The EBHS Boys and Girls Track and Field Teams showcased their talent at the May 3 and 4 at the GMC Relays at South Brunswick High School. The Girls came in 2nd with 108 points, right behind rivals South Brunswick (126 points) and ahead of Old Bridge (51 points.) The Boys team took the  3rd place spot (68 points) behind South Brunswick(102) and Old Bridge(82).  A total of 16 teams competed.

The  first place spots were taken by the boys including Varsity  Boys 4 x 100 team (Josh Newton, Brandon Philip, Kyle Wiggins, Rob Ciuraru), 4 x 200 team(Josh Newton, Rob Ciuraru, Deitric Murphy, Brandon Philip), and 400 Hurdles (Callan Davies, Andrew Khalil, Joe Bozowski). The Novice Sprint Medley (Ethan Pearl, Alex Cameron, Tyler McLean, and Robby Arpaio) also took home the gold.

The girls first place Varsity winners broke school records in the 400 hurdles (Mariah Shummette, Jasmine Jerman, Sydney Huang) and Triple Jump (Vianca Vicenti, Gloria Donou, Leyna Abrahams.)  New times were set in the 3 x 400 (Mariah Shummette, Leyna Abrahams, Jasmine Jerman, Shanelle Colman)

New school records were also achieved in the  4 x 200 (Gabby Blaustein, Mariah Shummette, Leyna Abrahams, Shanelle Colmon) and High Jump Relay (Sydney Contrino, Leyna Abrahams, Gloria Donou) and Pole Vault Relay (Kayal Flynn, Taylor Nevin, Rachel Degutz).