EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - In an effort to reduce burglaries and educate the residents of East Brunswick, the East Brunswick Police Department has released a "Street Smart" Newsletter along with a Burglary Prevention Guide.

Every year there are over five million home burglaries in the United States which account for 21% of property crimes. On average, one burglary results in a financial loss of $1,725. The EBPD advises that residents can greatly reduce the risk of being burglarized by taking simple steps to make a home more difficult to enter and less enticing to potential burglars.

Visit the Burglary Tips section under Community Policing at www.ebpd.net to download the “Street Smart” Burglary Newsletter and Prevention Guide.

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For additional information contact Community Policing at 732-390-6938 or CommunityPolicing@ebpd.net.

For additional information, visit the Community Policing section at www.ebpd.net.