EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - If you have been looking for EBTV on the Comcast Channel lineup at Channel 3, as they have been for years, you may have noticed that it has disappeared.  Not to worry East Brunswick.  For those that are uninformed, the channel was forced to shift to a new location on Comast's channel lineup due to carriage requirements involving some other networks that insisted on being carried on Channel 3.  This was not a decision that Comcast had any control over, as they are contractually obligated to abide by these regulatory rules.

EBTV is now on Channel 26, and provides the same great information that has always been there.  In fact, when the new TAP Into website debuts in a few weeks, we will be partnering up with EBTV on many events, and the videos will also be able to be viewed here on Tap Into East Brunswick.